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(click to enlarge) Email Blast and digital PDF version of our Calendar is sent to nearly 9,000 subscribers

Our digital calendar advertising is perhaps the most exposed digital advertising segment you can get with the MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce.

Let’s take a look at what you get for a whole month (see corresponding photos): 

  • A 300 x 100 pixel graphic ad that appears above or below the agenda view of our calendar. This ad is on nearly every page of our website.
  • B –  620 x 90 pixel graphic that appears on the “monthly view” calendar on our website (our most visited page)
  • C –  650 x 90 pixel graphic that is sent out to nearly 9000 email subscribers at the beginning of your chosen month (sent with the link to the digital version of our calendar)
  • 650 x 90 pixel graphic that appears on the portable digital PDF version of our calendar for the entire month that you choose
  • E – 650 x 650 pixel information graphic that appears on page 2 of the PDF version of our calendar for the month you choose (prints when user prints the calendar)
(click to enlarge) On-page website ads that are included: 300x100 and 620x90

(click to enlarge) On-page website ads that are included: 300×100 and 620×90

Here’s what you’ll need to provide: 

  • All graphic sizes listed above in one of the following formats:
    • JPG
    • PNG (transparencies will be ignored)
    • BMP
    • GIF (non-animated)
    • PDF
    • PSD (fonts must be included or rasterized)
    • EPS (fonts must be outlined or rasterized)
  • A link to your website where users will be redirected to (you may include Google Analytics links as well)

Interested? Please call our Business Development Team at 609-689-9960