A Day in the Life: CaraLee Dill

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A Day in the Life: CaraLee Dill

It’s a frigid Monday morning, but instead of warming up for the week ahead at her desk with a cup of coffee, Caralee Dill is already on the move. The 29-year-old administrator of CareOne at East Brunswick, a 132-bed, 200-employee provider of skilled sub-acute rehabilitation and long-term care, has just finished her morning stand-up meeting with the heads of all the departments she oversees – ranging from the nursing unit manager to the head of environmental services to the manager of the business office – to see what challenges may have occurred overnight.

The laundry list of items to be discussed varies from day to day. Sometimes there’s an HR issue to discuss. Other times, there’s a clogged pipe to contend with, an update on a patient who had to be taken to the ER, or a discussion about a resident who’s in danger of losing his insurance. Whatever the challenge of the day is, Dill is ready to get to work on it. “There’s no hierarchy here,” she says. I’m very hands-on – I just do what needs to be done so that things can run smoothly.”

Although Dill’s head is spinning from the morning meeting, she’s ready to begin her next task: morning rounds. During this time, she takes a tour through both of the building’s wings (the rehabilitation wing and the long-term care wing), talking to residents and scouting the facility to make sure that rooms are ready for new patients and all equipment is in its proper place. Although she’s busy, this is one of Dill’s favorite parts of the day, as she gets to interact with the residents. She spots one of her favorites, a woman who’s taking a catnap in the activities room, and sets her watch for 4 p.m. so she can remind the woman to turn on her favorite TV show, Judge Judy.   Read More