Energy Keeps Passing Gas

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Kim Gordon tries to figure out the new editing software
Kim Gordon tries to figure out the new editing software

Hi, Kim here, your co-host from the MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce Business Hour Sundays at 10 a.m. on 107.7 The Bronc.This week we ventured onto the topics of the receding investments in the coal energy industry, Verizon purchasing Yahoo to utilize its users’ data, political election cycles and their influence on market reactions, and the consideration of bitcoin as a commodity rather than legal tender.

Don’t expect any coal in your stockings for Christmas this year, as the coal energy industry appears to be declining in both demand and investment due to the prevalence of its competing rising star- natural gas. Banks are withdrawing their funds from coal as they do not foresee its future potential when competing with natural gas, and eventually once fully erected, alternative energies. This presents a magnifying problem of the already controversial fracking for gas in the United States. Perhaps this will result in a similar fashion to oil-rich nations being sought for their natural resources, but instead for natural gas. As for alternative energies, they are not sufficient on their own to cater for the energy demands today, and are great for supplemental usage to mitigate the ill-effects that is naturally associated with consuming harmful means of energy fuel.

Verizon didn’t want to be in the dark anymore, and wants to know all the latest gossip of its users from Yahoo. As society becomes increasingly more data-oriented, an uprising trend in big companies is purchasing search-engines to utilize the data for customizing ads and services. Search engines are the key for data mining, and now because of it many acquisitions transition from big companies buying small subsidiaries to big companies buying equal-sized firms. Now that individually tailored service options are generated due to the user inputs collected, be careful what you search for…it might come true.

We promise not to go Hilary vs. Trump style as we analyze how political election cycles in general (and not biding by what party is elected) affects market reactions. There have been collective observations made that determine the market reaches its highest stability within the third year of a president’s term, whereas the most volatile sections lay in the beginning where businesses and investors endure a changing atmosphere, and at the end where the anticipation of change initiates premature responses. During a prolonged reign where the President serves two terms, this cycle extends and demonstrates longer durations of market stability, but ultimately reflects the same patterns as with one term.

Bitcoin is a hot commodity now (if it wasn’t already) with the spreading knowledge that because it isn’t legal tender, it cannot be tried for the various crimes associated with money, so all the money launderers are clawing after this loophole and taking it for all its worth. It is deemed as a commodity for tax purposes and by various other legal institutions since its instability, mode of transactions, susceptibilities, unregulated proliferation, and ununiformed usage all conspire to prevent it from classifying as money. As it is still deemed property, all the money launderers out there (yeah I’m talking to you!) shouldn’t get too smug since they can be tried for theft on different accounts.

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