Intern Corner: Community Service – Trenton Soup Kitchen Experience

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By Kunjal, MIDJersey Chamber Intern

Community service is an extremely important value in my life, and I have been volunteering ever since I was young. Today, alongside the MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce staff, I volunteered at the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen in Trenton, New Jersey. There is an immense amount of satisfaction that you feel when you give back to those less fortunate, and I really enjoyed my experience of serving food to the homeless.

As soon as I walked through the front door, I saw hundreds of people waiting to get food and a seat. I always knew that homelessness is a serious problem in Trenton, but it is eye opening to see the problem right in front of your face. It reminded me that we should always be thankful for what we have in our lives, and it is our duty as humans to help other humans in need. Some of the tasks that I did were pouring drinks, scooping vegetables into trays, and delivering the trays of food to those who wanted it. I think the best part about this experience was when I would hand-deliver the tray of food to people. Everyone was so grateful, and words cannot describe how good it feels when someone tells you that you made their day and thank you with a huge smile. I am grateful that the MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce presented me with this opportunity, and I am excited to do similar community service events with the chamber in the future!