Isabella Lopreiato: Making the Most Out Of Interning

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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t is not uncommon for college students such as myself to spend their summers completing an internships. In fact, I truly believe it is perhaps the best way to grow as a professional and acquire new skills not learn in a classroom setting. Therefore, as an Economics and Market Research Intern with MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce, offered me with an invaluable opportunity to quickly immerse myself with in and recognized the unique attributes of this organization.

Isabella Lopreiato
Isabella Lopreiato, Intern at MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce

On the very first day, the staff welcomed me to participate in their weekly team meeting with the CEO, himself,  such visibility of CEO for an intern seems to be quite rare, so I found that  to be rather refreshing to witness.  I continue to look forward to partaking in these meetings through the progression of my internship, along with learning more about economic growth and understand business advocacy on a broad range of federal, state and local issues.

Besides conducting research and summarizing bills, I was also invited to attend several Economic Insight Breakfasts, in which I gain a better understanding of business professionals and public officials’ plans to improve the surrounding communities and expand businesses.  Actually, during the second Economic Insight Breakfast I was able to have a nice one on one conversation the mayor of West Windsor regarding unemployment rates.  In addition, I also spent an afternoon packing oatmeal for underprivileged children in the community with Strike Out Hunger, in which I found a sense of purpose being able to know my contributions went towards the greater good.

I am so glad and grateful for the opportunity this internship has provided, as I certainly gained a new perspective and appreciation for what MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce does for its members and the community at large.

Isabella Lopreiato, Rider University ‘17