Lawrence Mayor Maffei Touts Recreation, Public Safety, Economic Developments at Township Address

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Mayor David Maffei Delivers 2017 State of Lawrence Township Address at Chamber Luncheon

Princeton, NJ – April 26th – The MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce, along with Lawrence Township, welcomed Mayor David Maffei for the Annual State of Lawrence Township Address on Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at the Chauncey Hotel & Conference Center.

Mayor Maffei was upbeat in his address and reported on the many successes of Lawrence in 2016, including its sound financial operations and the accomplishments of its public safety institutions. He mentioned new and future business developments, recreational projects, and other topics of interest, providing a positive and exciting outlook for the township.

Robert D. Prunetti, the Chamber’s President & CEO, introduced the Mayor, referring to him as a “true gentleman, and someone who [he] loves working with.” Dr. Maffei retains a diverse background in politics, medicine, and even the arts, and indeed, he testifies to the similar wide-ranging aspects of his hometown of Lawrenceville. To begin, Dr. Maffei posed the question: “Why do people choose Lawrence Township as a place to settle and raise their families?” He refers first to the financial stability of the town, stating that the municipal tax rate for 2017 was unchanged for the fourth consecutive year. Moreover, last year ended with a surplus of $11.7 million, there has been a continued decrease in municipal debt and no layoffs of police officer positions.

Regarding the police department, Mayor Maffei paid special homage to the town’s public safety institutions. Public safety remains one of the paramount concerns of the community, and the Mayor firmly stated that its institutions set a high standard of excellence in Mercer County. He alluded to a statement by Harry Delgado of the Township’s Police Department, who said the department continues to receive overwhelming support, and that “the professionalism and ability of the police department to address community concerns and build strong working relationships with the public and law enforcement entities provides a safe and secure place to live.”

With crime rates down and public safety prioritized, business and commercial enterprises continue to expand. Mayor Maffei talked about the completion of the new sports dome, Costco retailer, 7/11 convenience store on Spruce Street, as well as the German grocery chain Lidl and new dining options such as Zoes Kitchen. There will also be expansions to existing shopping plazas and businesses. This includes Bristol-Myers Squibb, the global pharmaceutical company, who is expanding its business operations and will bring between 400 – 600 new jobs to the community. As a whole, these developments depict that Lawrence is “growing and prosperous”.

Ripe with new developments, the township is also expanding its recreational department. The Mayor pointed to the many existing and growing “passive and active programs, as well as cultural and special celebration for residents of all ages.” Sports activities such as baseball, football, lacrosse, soccer, and swimming are available, in addition to a diverse amount of cultural activities. Mayor Maffei proudly commented on the diverse population, stating that there are over 65 nationalities who have found a home in Lawrenceville, with a quarter being foreign-born. “It is a melting pot of language, traditions, and cultures,” he said.

Overall, the Mayor highlighted the work of the many volunteers, committees, and institutions within Lawrence that have contributed to its growing successes. Having lived in Lawrence for 57 years, Dr. Maffei says, “I love Lawrence Township. And I hope I have shown you what makes my town a truly sublime, spiritual place to live.”

The State of Lawrence Township Address was sponsored by: First Bank and Borden Perlman Salisbury & Kelly. For an upcoming list of township addresses and/or mayoral events, please visit the Chamber website.