Leaders- Make it Trickle!

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Greetings, Kim here, your co-host from the MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce Business Hour every Sunday at 10 a.m. on 107.7 The Bronc and www.1077TheBronc.com. For the first half of this past week’s show, we discussed the many business factors involved in study abroad agreements between universities, as well as the rising threat to car manufacturers of big technology companies infiltrating their industry. Later in the show, Adriannah Beckham, President of Phi Beta Lambda and the Strategic Gaming Club on-campus, pops in to share her experience with various leadership styles and her opinions on debt financing.

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Studying abroad has grown to be an individualized form of business that is far more expansive than tourism, and touches a multitude of industries through its transactions. Studying abroad is accomplished through an international partnership of schools that set terms and conditions for exchanging its students. Though it is against interest to open an avenue to “give away” students, there is a trade of talents established where American schools recruit for specific areas in need of foreign-honed specialities, and the foreign institutions gain an investment. Since the government cannot subsidize international individuals, the assets provided to the institution are more readily liquidated than funds stemming from multiple sources. Exchange students benefit American institutions more than the attendance of domestic individuals. The airlines too, no doubt, have a field day at the start of every semester.

General Motors and the like are shaking in their shoes in the face of an unlikely batch of competitors entering the automobile market: Google and a variety of Silicon Valley firms. Given that interest in cars is shifting from manufacturing to the many services our vehicles can provide, technology businesses have taken the lead in this research and development. At most, GM and all of the other automakers are equipped with the production and assemblage of vehicles to be a viable candidate for technology firms to partner with, but are no longer the lead directors of consumer market trends.

Adriannah Beckham, a student at Rider who is President of Phi Beta Lambda and the Strategic Gaming Club, came knocking on our doors to share some insights about her experience with leadership-style shifts. Being goal-oriented isn’t enough when it comes to managing a team, and there is the concept of a “trickle-down-effect” that is a vital component in the human appeal of a leader. Whatever the attitude and mindset a leader exudes, the team is a reflection of that influence. They create the atmosphere and dynamic; negligence to this will allow a form of emotional “deregulation” to ensue, which is more likely to incur resistance and self-defensiveness in members. The importance of ensuring that everyone is a form of a leader in their own specialty, while maintaining regulations of duty, is a hard balance to conjure, and sometimes takes a particular mix of characters to succeed. With this revelation of how leaders can define the atmospheric mood, I likened them to the weather, a response to which Adriannah almost darted a thunderbolt at my direction.
The final topic of discussion consisted of the benefits of financial leveraging, otherwise known as debt financing. These analogous terms are associated with the usage of debt as a financial growth advantage to a firm, if managed and planned properly. Using debt to expand a business is part of normal operations, and should not be considered a negative course of action. Over-reaching and poor channeling, of course, will render it so, but these can be avoided if debt is used as an investment rather than a desperate measure.

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