Tech Ed Committee: From the Chairs

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BJ KennedyWe wanted to take some time to tell you more about why we do what we do for the TechEd committee and for the MidJersey Chamber of Commerce. It may not always be glamorous but it is always rewarding.

As Co-Chairs of the TechEd committee, our focus is on cultivating the relationships which help to drive membership and deliver on educational initiatives.  It’s not always easy to find the time to volunteer, however, we find that the rewards are worth the effort.

Michael DeCamillis is the owner of Dolvin Consulting, providing technical consulting and compliance services to companies in the retail, distribution, manufacturing, and related industries in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Sheri Kurdakul is the owner of Holistic Business Solutions, offering customized integrated business systems for small organizations that enable data access from any device.

We see the potential to grow our presence by being more active with the Chamber.  We are of the belief that an increase in sales is directly related to the amount of time and effort we invest in others both in our committee and the Chamber in general.  Our extended relationships provide visibility into the work ethic of our members.  As local business owners, we know the value of “word of mouth” referrals and the committee provides the vehicle to do just that.

Both of our core business offerings are technical in nature so choosing the TechEd committee wasn’t a difficult decision.  Here are some other elements of the committee that made it the right choice for us:

  • Passion for Technology: Of course, we are interested in the latest and greatest technology, but we are curious as to how people use and integrate technology in their lives. We learn this from the members – real people sharing what they do with technology.
  • A Love of Learning: Whether it’s teaching others about technology or learning how to use it ourselves, we both have a love of learning that keeps us growing.
  • Being part of Team: There is greater diversity of people and projects fostering a stronger committee. As a team, there is less pressure than carrying all the work as a single contributor. We also have an opportunity to more fully serve the other members of the Chamber and Community.