TechEd Committee: Not a Pocket Protector to be Found

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by Robert Blanda

Robert Blanda

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen I was hired for the MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce on July 6th, 2015, I was just about thrown into a mish-mash of items that had been neglected and needed attention. I was kept very busy in meetings, trying to develop better (and faster) ways for the Chamber to communicate with their member base. It was a “Chamber of Commerce” – How busy could it possibly be? Low and behold, it was busier than I had ever expected. Things needed to get done.

Unknown to me at the time, staff members of the Chamber must be a liaison to a host of committees and chapters to keep them running. Immediately, Bob Prunetti put me on the TechEd Committee. Oh goodie.

My first response to this hurling into the conference room was not good. I really didn’t need a distraction from the overall grand plan I had for the Chamber. Prior to my required meetings for the committee, Jeff Richardson had been the liaison. He had other fish to fry and I was the next unbroken link in the chain.

So, I shrugged my shoulders, held my head high, shook some hands and sat down.

Eyebrows lowered, expecting the worst, I found that it was a fantastic little group! It wasn’t just a room full of tech-heads talking software and security, but instead, a group of people that wanted to spread the word of “technically challenging” items and concepts. It was about real life applications of technology, not a room full of thick-glassed nerds with pocket protectors spewing with leaky pens.

Not one line of scripting was mentioned. Not one Xenon Processor replaced. In fact, there was only one laptop in the room – and it was a Mac. No techies were taking over the globe. Phew.

I have been with the Tech Ed Committee for about a year now and in that time, I’ve met friends, attended an event or two and developed this section of the website to spread the word.

In the coming months, our committee members will be submitting blogs here. You’ll hear from a plethora of different folks, from non-profit administrators to VOIP people all the way to internet security and inventory control systems. Let’s not forget the education side – you’ll see plenty of that.

In short, keep your eyes on this section of the website ( for new and exciting things to come.

And feel free to leave the SSH and PHP Scripting at the door. You won’t need it here.