Thanks! No It’s “Thank You,” Thank You Very Much!

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[dropcap]H[/dropcap]i, it’s Angel, one of the co-host for the MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce Business Hour every Sunday at 10 a.m. on 107.7 The Bronc and This week we discussed Uber’s partnership with Volvo, Amazon’s bid to enter into the smart home market, the decision by the federal government to retake control of the prison system, and finally we give you the conclusion behind the lawsuit over good manners.

My co-host Timia opened the show with an article about Uber’s partnership with Volvo. The unlikely duo plan to invest in autonomous car technology leading up to Uber’s future plans to take the driver completely out of the equation. In recent months, Uber has been plagued with bad press ranging from not allowing workers to unionize to passengers being assaulted by drivers. This partnership would allow the company to avoid such costs of employment and focus on the overall quality of the ride. This step towards the future has its drawbacks; who needs to order a taxi if we can just buy the car? If you can nap or watch Netflix on your way to work, why would you not make the change? Look ma, “No hands!”

Keeping in line with technology, we took a look at America’s jack-of-all-trades company, Amazon, as they try to take the temperature of the smart home market. No it’s not a thermometer that can order things from your wish list, it’s a thermostat. Amazon has put down $35 million in order to keep you comfy as you decide what you want to shop for on its platform. This thermostat is planned to be smarter than the rest. It’s job is to get to know you so well that you will forget it’s there, watching you, knowing your habits and adjusting the temperature accordingly once it learns them. One issue that may arise is mischievous hackers manipulating physical environments rather than virtual through these means, especially when this technology expands to other areas of household daily living. As it tries to enter yet another market, Amazon is spreading itself thin and picking a fight with everyone.

Angel brought us closer to our show’s conclusion with a case covered a few weeks ago; the proper way to express your gratitude has been determined. Officially a simple “thanks” is acceptable. As a quick recap, Citi Bank filed a lawsuit against AT&T for using the word “Thanks” to brand its rewards points program. Citi Bank argued that the similarity in “Thanks” and “Thank You” would confuse their customers of the Citi Thank you Credit Card, however the judge ruled to reject the case and thus “Thanks” lives another day to reward good behavior. As the consumer, you benefit from being Thanked by either company for you outstanding behavior, so enjoy!

Kim closed up this week’s program talking about the Federal government’s decision to retake control of the prisons. Currently, prison operations are left up to private corporations such as Corrections Corp and the Geo Group. This is a drastic change as prisons have been making headlines for poor treatment of prisoners, ineffectiveness as a means for rehabilitation, and the operators’ profit maximization tactics that create conflict of interests. This recent headline has already adversely affected Corrections Corp, and as consequence the company’s stock has fallen drastically.

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