Town’s First Female Mayor Helps Community

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Town’s First Female Mayor Helps Community #BeBoldForChange
with Breakfast Honoring Female Employees’ Contributions to Public Service During Women’s History Month

Hamilton’s first female Mayor wants her community to #BeBoldForChange and that is why on International Women’s Day she is announcing a breakfast to honor the contributions that female employees make in the Hamilton Township Municipal Government.

The breakfast, which will take place in late March (Women’s History Month), will recognize the leadership and contributions of Hamilton’s female employees.   During the breakfast, which will be funded by the Mayor’s own campaign account and not by taxpayer dollars, the Township’s Division of Health will also provide women’s health information to Hamilton’s female employees.

In its quest for a more gender inclusive world, International Women’s Day has sought to help forge gender parity, yet a 2016 World Economic Forum report predicted that the world’s gender gap will continue until 2186.  Additionally, the report ranked the United States behind 44 other nations in terms of gender equality ( These statistics have led to the theme for International Women’s Day 2017 of #BeBoldForChange

Mayor Yaede has previously stood against gender pay inequity when she came out in support of the US women national soccer team’s quest to be compensated in an equitable manner with their US nation soccer male counterparts (

While Hamilton is a civil service town which helps to prevent gender pay inequity, Yaede realizes that is not the case in all employment sectors across the nation and world.  As part of the #BeBoldForChange effort, Yaede not only hopes the effort will help bring attention to address gender pay inequity, but in the spirit of Women’s History Month, also illustrate that the significant contributions that women make in Hamilton Township and across our country.  

Mayor Yaede noted that the Hamilton Township Municipal Government benefits from females in several leadership and supervisory positions, such as: a Council Member, Municipal Clerk, Deputy Municipal Clerk, Tax Collector, Budget Officer, Purchasing Agent, Housing and Urban Development Office Director, Municipal Court Director, Municipal Court Assistant Director, HamStat Call Center Supervisor, Hamilton Alliance Against Substance Abuse Coordinator, Administrative Director of Public Health Nursing,  as well as superior ranking Police Officers.

“I know the challenges that I faced as a women who sought to become my town’s first female Mayor; and I think it is important that our community highlights the significant contributions that women make every single day in the Hamilton Township Municipal Government,” explains Mayor Yaede.  “I also hope that we can stand as a shining example of how equal pay has benefitted public service in our community and will encourage many young girls to consider a career in public service.”