Tyler Holzer: 'Interning' for the Greater Good

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By Tyler Holzer, Intern at MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce

Tyler Holzer
Tyler Holzer

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] have been working at the MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce for about a month as an Economic Policy Intern. Through only my brief time at the Chamber, I can certainly say that I have already learned a lot.

The staff at the Chamber is warm and inviting, immediately accepting me as part of the family. Staff members are also as eager to give me opportunities to learn as I am to take them. I have attended multiple events and meetings, met countless members, and have already written numerous economic reports and press releases.

The Chamber acts as an interesting component of the business community – acting as an intermediary and catalyst rather than as an individual member itself. The Chamber exists solely to serve the community in which it is located, which is an altruistic and utilitarian premise that I personally find to be inspiring. This is an entity that exists for the greater good, by growing the businesses that are the staple of the Mid-Jersey economy.

The Chamber gives me the opportunity to play a role in the region’s economic growth, which is to me, a great privilege. Meanwhile, I am learning a lot about customer relations, networking, NJ economic policy, and what it is like to work in an office environment. I would recommend interning at the MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce to anyone looking to enter the business world, as the Chamber always has projects to accommodate.