UIH Family Partners Receives Dr. Sherry P. Ulmer Innovator & Affiliate of the Year Award

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March 6, 2017

Trenton, NJ – When it comes to fatherhood, UIH Family Partners of Trenton is the place to go. As government, nonprofits and funders struggle to find solutions for improving childhood outcomes and addressing the issues that come with multi-generational poverty and childhood trauma and abuse, UIH is focused on the role of the father in building strong futures for our children.

The first week of March, Karen Andrade-Mims, Executive Director of UIH Family Partners, and a team of program and client services specialists traveled to Los Angeles, California to take part in the Fathers & Families Coalition of America annual conference and to receive the Dr. Sherry P. Ulmer Innovator & Affiliate of the Year award. This inaugural award highlights the accomplishments of a fatherhood center that has achieved success through the innovative implementation of programs that attract and retain men with the goal of providing support and opportunities that lead to increased engagement with children, families, and the community at large. Dr. Ulmer shared the following regarding the selection of UIH Family Partners for this award: “What an impressive agenda and love the programs they are implementing.  Would love to visit them and see all this.” UIH staff was humbled to receive this prestigious award and they are looking forward to sharing their continued success with their community partners. In June of 2017, UIH will present the results of a collaborative study addressing the data needs of fatherhood programs and the importance of communicating the impact of fathers on the success and wellbeing of their children.

Founded In 1859, Union Industrial Home for Children was formed by a group of concerned women to provide moral, educational and vocational opportunities to disadvantaged youth in an increasingly industrial society.

Today, UIH Family Partners is all about Dads, offering an array of programs that provide assistance to men. Through carefully designed, evidence-based curriculum, fathers are encouraged to make a positive impact on their families through active participation in classes that assist with employment and job readiness, job certification, re-entry after incarceration, parenting and life skills, healthy communication, anger management and health and wellness among others.  Our Dress2Impress program assists men by providing the clothing necessary to arrive at the interview feeling prepared, professionally dressed and ready to highlight their skills to a prospective employer. Once employment has been secured clothing is provided to help individuals to continue to present themselves as professionals in their field.

The goal of our fatherhood initiatives is to create communities that are strengthened by men who embrace the challenge of fatherhood; accept financial responsibility for themselves and their families and are committed to the long-term health and stability of their children, their families, and themselves as individuals.

UIH Family Partners is located at 4 North Broad Street in Trenton. To learn more about their fatherhood initiatives please visit their website at www.uihfamilypartners.org and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.