United Way of Greater Mercer County and Camp Fire New Jersey are Helping Mercer County Youth Thrive!

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For Immediate Release:

United Way Media Contact: 
Name: Sandra Toussaint
Phone: (609) 896-1912
Email: Sandra.Toussaint@uwgmc.org

Camp Fire NJ Media Contact: 
Name: Jessica Nitti
Phone: 609-695-8410
Email: jnitti@campfirenj.org

Trenton, NJ – February 2, 2017 – United Way of Greater Mercer County (UWGMC) and Camp Fire NJ have been working together to provide effective, youth development programming to help Mercer County children thrive!  Together, their partnership has reached over 1,000 children in the first half of the 2016-2017 school year.

Support from UWGMC allows Camp Fire NJ to provide programming to kindergarten and first grade students in Trenton as well as first and fourth grade students in Hamilton.  The evidence-based programs (Count on Me Kids, Caution without Fear, and Safe & Sure) build social and emotional development skills such as self-esteem, self-awareness, social skills, decision making, relationship building, conflict resolution and more. These social and emotional learning skills are scientifically shown to build youth resilience, help them overcome experiences of trauma, and grow into responsible, healthy adults. The programs teach youth strategies to resist substance use, violence, gang involvement, bullying, and cyber bullying in age-appropriate ways.  In addition, children are encouraged to adopt a growth mindset, recognize their passions (“sparks”), find positive role models, and respect others’ differences.

According to United Way of Greater Mercer County President & CEO Sandra Toussaint, “It is our goal at UWGMC to work with local partners to bring the most efficient and effective programming to the community; it is a pleasure to work with Camp Fire NJ in this way and to see such progress come from their work in our local schools.”

The collaboration between United Way of Greater Mercer County and Camp Fire NJ will also allow for greater community involvement through hosted community conversations, and increasing parental involvement in youth programming.  Both organizations are committed to taking a preventative approach to address problems affecting Mercer County communities so that youth can thrive in our ever-changing world.

“This shared accomplishment is already impacting hundreds of vulnerable youth and we are so glad that this is only one avenue through which our collaboration can serve both of our organizations’ missions and communities in our state,” said Camp Fire NJ president Jessica Nitti.

About Camp Fire New Jersey:

Camp Fire New Jersey is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has been serving youth in New Jersey for 80 years.  The mission of Camp Fire NJ is to provide educational programs that empower children to rise above their every challenges and become the best they can be!

About United Way of Greater Mercer County:

United Way of Greater Mercer County is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the mission to empower the community to take a leading role in helping achieve personal and family self-sufficiency.  They focus on education, income, and health which they believe are the fundamental building blocks for a good quality of life.


Photo caption: Jessica Nitti, Executive Director at Camp Fire NJ, & Megan Kirschner, VP of Community Impact at UWGMC, meet to discuss their partnership to help Mercer County youth thrive.