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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to unite the region with a common goal of enhancing economic, social, and cultural growth, and serving as the hub for business resources and valuable relationships. Our focus is to increase membership, retain members, and increase revenue from all events and programs.

Our History and Role in the New Jersey Business Community

Established in 1868, The MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce was the first Chamber of Commerce in New Jersey. What began 149 years ago as The Board of Trade and Chamber of Commerce with a membership of 200 companies, has since grown into a full-fledged operation with a membership of over 1,000 companies representing a workforce of more than 90,000 employees in the Central New Jersey area.

While many business and member organizations are location-based or industry-driven, our MIDJersey Chamber is market driven. We have a general service area, an approximate 40 mile radius from Hamilton Township; our scope of influence does not stop at a township or county line. We attract members from New York to Philadelphia, mainly because of the strong business climate here in our region.

Since our rebranding in October 2012, we have helped to give this region an identity unlike any other. “Central New Jersey” is a location that means different places to different people. The “mid-Jersey” marketplace encompasses townships from seven counties in New Jersey, as well as locations in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

While we have expanded our service area, our mission remains the same. The MIDJersey Chamber exists to grow your business, protect your business and enhance the business environment in which you do business. Through strategic efforts and programs that promote advocacy, relationship building and economic development, your Chamber continues to create and strengthen the mid-Jersey marketplace.


The MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce represents business by taking position on a broad range of federal, state and local issues through lobbying, education, training and partnerships.

Economic Growth

The MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce serves as the liaison among business, government, financial institutions and investors to utilize education, workforce development, arts, entertainment and tourism to promote and sustain economic growth in Central New Jersey.

Relationship Building

Through strong leadership, the MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce provides an atmosphere of the business community to connect and collaborate through networking, mentoring and forums.

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